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Car Radio, Podcast 102, Pts 1/2: Long/Porsche at Daytona, Rushbrook/Hammers Bronco, Zielinski/Hammers, Cole Smith/Daytona 24/F1 Ford, Warner/Honda Accord/Mazda CX-90, Anderson/EV cost

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4Fest Events

Car Radio Noon-2 PM, February 11, 2023

Host: Henry Payne, Detroit News auto columnist

Interview Schedule

00 – 15 min: Interview with Steven Cole Smith, writer with Hagerty. Talking Daytona 24-hour and Formula Ford/Cadillac developments

15-20 min: Ad Break

20-30: Interview with Robin Warner, YouTube journalist with Talking Honda Accord and Mazda CX-90.

30-33: Ad Break

33-40: More with Warner

35-45: Payne talk on King of Hammers off-road event

45-48: Ad Break

48-55: Interview with Tom Zielinski, CEO Detroit 4fest. Talking King of the Hammers.

55-1.00 hr: Ad break

1.00-1.03 hr: Interview with Pat Anderson, CEO of Anderson Group. Talking EV cost vs gas, charging and infrastructure challenges.

1.16-1.20: Ad break

1.20-1.40: Taped interview with Patrick Long, Porsche brand ambassador. Talking Daytona 24-Hour.

1.30-1.34: Ad break

1.35-1.38: Continue with Long

1.38-1.40: Payne talks

1.40-1.45 PMTaped interview with Mark Rushbrook, CEO of Ford Performance, talking King of the Hammers. Tape #LINHP30 (11 min total).1.45-1.48 PM: Ad break

1.48-1.56: More with Calhoun