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Car Radio, Podcast 111, Pts 1/2: Montri-Green/Detroit GP prep, Alfa, Auto Hall of Fame, more

By May 24, 2023February 10th, 2024No Comments
4Fest Events

Car Radio Show 910AM-Detroit, May 20, 2023

Host: Henry Payne, Detroit News auto columnist

Interview Schedule

00-03 min: Payne intro

03-15 min: Interview with Sarah Cook, president, Automotive Hall of Fame, talking Women in Motorsports

15-20: Ad Break

19-30: Interview with Michael Montri, president of the Detroit GP. Taking a pit walk at downtown Detroit GP.

30-33: Ad Break

33-45: Interview with Austin Green, Trans Am driver, talking about Detroit GP.

45-48: Ad break

48-57: Interview with Tom Zielinski, CEO, Detroit 4fest. Talking Bronco Nation at Holly Oaks ORV Park

1.00-1.15 hr: Interview with Tim Hartge, PureForge, talking brake breakthrough.

1.16-1.21 hr: Ad break

1.20-1.30: Payne intro to Alfa interviews in Milan.

1.25-1.30: Interview with Lorenzo Ardizio, Curator of the Alfa Romeo Museum, Milan.

1.30-1.35: Ad break

1.35-1.41: Continue with Ardizio

1.41-1.45: Interview with Daniel Guzzefame, Product chief, Alfa Romeo.

1.45-1.48: Ad break

1.48-1.55: More with Guzzefame.